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5 Simple Ways to Make Teatime More Mindful

5 Simple Ways to Make Teatime More Mindful

5 Simple Ways to Make Teatime More Mindful

We’re all busy. 

Here at Lumo Tea, one aspect of tea that we love most is its ability to remind us to slow down a little during the day. To take a minute – or several – to mindfully sink into the present moment instead of replaying something that happened yesterday or worrying about what may happen tomorrow. 

This is especially true with loose leaf tea. The simple act of brewing loose leaf tea automatically calls for you to slow down and be more mindful while making your tea instead of carelessly tossing a tea bag into a cup. You must first select your tea and the vessel you’ll infuse it in, then measure out the correct amount of leaves and water to create the perfect cup. The extra level of effort makes the end result even more worthy of being savored. 

Sitting down to appreciate your creation also offers an opportunity to practice mindfulness and infuse a little pleasure and relaxation into your day, just as you have mindfully infused your tea. 

It’s also easy.  

As you’re about to enjoy your first sip of a freshly brewed cup of tea, take a moment to check in with your senses for a simple mindfulness practice.


Look at the tea. Notice its shade of color and how the steam swirls up into the air. 


Take in the aroma of the tea. Can you pick out different scents?



Notice how your cup feels in your hands. What is the texture of its surface like? How does the shape or size of the cup feel and fit with your hand? Feel the warmth coming through from the hot brew.


We don’t know of any teas that make a sound but take note of the sounds surrounding you as you’re about to drink your tea. What are they? How many different sounds can you pick out? Are they affecting how you currently feel? 


Slowly take a small first sip and feel the tea hit your tongue. As you let it sit in your mouth and then swallow, pay attention to the different flavors you experience. You may notice several different flavors at once if you’re drinking a blend or perhaps you observe how the flavor changes as you continue to sip the tea. Is it sweet? Vegetal? Herbal? Floral? Smoky? Does the taste relax you or energize you? 


Though it may seem like several steps, checking in with your senses as you start to sip your tea can only take a few moments if you’d like. The important part is pausing to be aware of the present moment before going on with the rest of your day.

Now...are you ready for a little me-time?

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